Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series
Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series

Custom AirCover - Lightweight Car Seatcover Series

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Seats:2 ROWS OF SEATS (5-seater)
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Tailored for your car, Custom AirCover is the perfect upgrade for your car seat. Made with high-quality leather and a lightweight design, the seatcover is safe, convenient, and better for the environment. Enjoy the comfort and protection of an AirCover today.

Note 1: Various seat covers are fabricated distinctively for different car models. Kindly specify your car model on the product page, and we will customize the seat cover accordingly.

Note 2: White leather may exhibit a minimal number of stray spots. These spots are not noticeable unless closely inspected, and are considered normal. If a flawless appearance is desired, we advise against purchasing the white color option.

About this item

Material: Autowhee SiLeather

Material Benefits:

  1. Our leather is devoid of any PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PU (Polyurethane) materials, distinguishing it from the majority of covers in the market, which are primarily composed of PVC. It is estimated that 98% of car covers in the market are crafted from PVC. On the other hand, our silicone leather offers a more environmentally sustainable and healthier choice.
  2. In 2021, HiPhi Automotive utilized "Silicon Leather" as an upholstery material, marking its premiere usage within the industry. The initial vehicle to employ silicone as a seating material was the HiPhi X, with a price bracket of $80,000 to $120,000. Subsequently, several car companies have adopted silicone leather in higher trim levels, heralding it as a sustainable material for the future.
  3. Our leather exhibits reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is essentially odorless.
  4. Our sponge is composed of "polyurethane" and is laminated utilizing the more environmentally friendly "hot melt adhesive" technique, whereas 95% of car seat covers on the market are laminated with water-based adhesives.
  5. White leather possesses enhanced stain resistance, a feature not present in ordinary PVC or PU leather.
  6. The leather demonstrates a high level of resistance to abrasion.

Our SiLeather exhibits comparable flame retardancy to the leather utilized by automobile companies, a feature which 99.99% of car covers on the market lack. This flame retardant capability enhances the safety of the product.

Burning the leather with a lighter resulted in no fire. Generally speaking, when a normal lighter is burned, the foam on the back starts to melt first, and the leather doesn't break until about 20s. In comparison to PVC covers, which are highly flammable, our AirCover possess a greater resistance to combustion, thereby mitigating the rate of burning during an emergency scenario.

Note: The flame-retardant property is solely designated for the leather in emergency situations. It is strongly advised not to intentionally subject the leather to a flame!

It is also noteworthy to mention that upon ignition, the leather does not emit a substantial amount of black smoke nor does it produce a black powdery substance. This is indicative of the enhanced health and safety attributes of our leather.

More "Air"

Our newly designed car covers are engineered not to obstruct the side airbags on the car seats, thereby enhancing safety in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the installation process is considerably simplified.